“Likes” Don’t Equal Reach

You work hard to produce great content and to get people to “Like’ your Facebook page. You get so excited when you see more and more people joining your site.

The first milestone is always getting your first “Like”. Okay so that’s pretty easy. Your second milestone is 100 Likes. You work hard and get 100 Likes. After you make some posts you go back and see how many people are liking, sharing, commenting and are being reached by your post. That’s when you see it. Now common sense would tell you if you have 100 Likes, you should have close to 100 views on every post you make right? Wrong. With Facebook’s new algorithm’s they are trying to find information that they feel you want to see based on previous searches, posts clicks, etc. For people like me, it’s very frustrating. I personally feel like if someone voluntarily decides to Like my page, they obviously want to see the content I’m sharing! Facebook is making it their business to show you content they feel you want to see. How do you feel about this? What are your thoughts. Comment below.

The reason Facebook is doing this is because they want businesses to pay to play. This means that they want you to buy ads in order for people to see your content. By doing this, small businesses aren’t able to reach as many people organically like they used to. I understand that Facebook wants to generate more revenue, but why not let small businesses reach people organically like the did before but if they want to reach even more people, then allow them to buy ads. Don’t punish creative small business owners by making them pay to share their content.

I want to hear from you. Do you agree with Facebook’s new algorithms? Comment below!

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