Facebook Changing Algorithm. Again.

Facebook announced in April that they will be, yet again, changing their algorithm for its timeline. Some marketing professionals are shouting that this new change will directly impact their ability to market. Facebook claims that this new change is in response to listening to customer feedback. The change will rate content shared, commented and liked by your Facebook friends higher than paid ads and content from pages you don’t interact with as much.

Facebook has also said that they predict that organic reach and even paid reach will be hurt by this change. So the question brought before us is this: Is Facebook still a useful platform for small business owners to market their companies?

The real answer? Yes AND no. I know, you’re shocked. But let me explain. Ever since Facebook started to become a pay to play site, I’ve been telling my clients not to use Facebook ads a whole lot. Maybe once or twice a month. Why? Well, the main thing small businesses need to focus on is what content they are posting. If you are posting good content then people will comment, share and like your posts which will make it be seen by more people. If you only buy reach and don’t focus on content then even if people see your content, it won’t be effective.

So if you only focused on reach (how many people see your posts) and buying ads, then Facebook may become a big struggle for your business. Your reach is going to suffer and people won’t get talking about your company as much.

BUT, if you focus on generating great content that is interactive, engaging and share worthy, then you still might see a small dip in reach, but it won’t be near much as companies who only focus on buying ads.

How do you make great content?

Graphics, Photos and most importantly, Video. Video is becoming a must not just on Facebook, but on ALL social media sites.

Our Video Creation services allow your company to get up to 5 new, HD videos every single month. This way, you are connecting and gaining the attention of your audience each and every week.

In conclusion, don’t fret when it comes to using Facebook for your business because it is very likely they will change their algorithm in a few months. What you need to fret about is creating great content for you business.

Scott Cunningham

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